"Thank you so much! This is some great and valuable work. You should take great pride in it."

~ Merrill Kingston, Web Line Systems

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Broadly, Indispensable includes the following information:

  • Part 1. Strategies and tactics to promote re-use at various stages throughout the lifecycle development process.
  • Part 2. Installation instructions for integrating JasperReports in different development environments on Linux and Windows.
  • Part 3. Leverage the R programming language to improve Business Intelligence and planning. Create visually appealing reports using a dynamic chart customizer.

The manual is over 260 pages, contains nearly 100 screen shots, describes over 50 source code snippets, and includes a dozen illustrations.

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The goal of Indispensable is to illustrate efficient and effective development with iReport and JasperReports. Where the JasperReports Ultimate Guide and The Definitive Guide to JasperReports take a hands-on approach to explaining how to use the tools, Indispensable addresses deeper issues with report development. Issues such as how to eliminate duplicated effort before reports are developed, how to ease report maintenance, how to integrate JasperReports into a number of development environments, and how to isolate volatile architectural components.

The manual amalgamates lessons learned from three major projects spanning years of non-stop development: an incident management system, a climate investigation tool, and a multi-corporation personnel management system. The solutions presented within the manual are real, practical implementations to common problems.

Inside you will find a business requirements template, chart design guidelines and laws, naming conventions, solutions to automate laborious tasks, text segmentation software for database column names, links to useful tools and websites, commented source code snippets, working report examples, and much more.

Whether you have used Jaspersoft's products for a few months or a few years, you will learn new ways to improve your business and refine your report development techniques.


A brief look at the table of contents:

  • Introduction - Manual structure and audience.
  • Software - List of software versions and websites.
  • Software Requirements Specifications - Avoid duplication before report development begins.
  • Report Assets - Report organization and structure.
  • Naming Conventions - Best development practices.
  • Database - Reduce redundancy through functions.
  • Subreports - Master and subreport relationships.
  • Style Templates - Text formats, fonts, and images.
  • Resource Bundles - Internationalization tactics.
  • Integrations - PHP and JSPs using Linux or Windows.
  • Data Dictionary - Extract database meta-information.
  • PostgreSQL, PL/R, and R - Linux and Windows installation instructions.
  • Statistics - Call R functions in PL/R from JasperReports.
  • Prediction - Customize extrapolated trend lines.